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About Team Szakos

What makes Team Szakos different?

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** Your Home Sold GUARANTEED, or I'll Buy It!*

To discuss the sale of your home (with no obligation) call Michael at 805-765-1605 and Start Packing!*

** If You Don't LOVE the Home You Buy Through Me, I'll Buy It Back!*
To discuss the purchasing a home, call Michael at 805-765-1605 and Start Packing!*

** Don't Get Stuck Owning Two Homes, Buy One of My Listings Through Me, and I Will Buy Yours!*
To discuss buying or selling a home call Michael at 805-765-1605 and Start Packing!*

** Team Szakos supports BEST DAY FOUNDATION and has committed a large portion of the commission from every referred transaction closed to be donated to BEST DAY FOUNDATION in YOUR NAME. For details on this program call Michael at 805-765-1605, or go to

Why hire us to sell your home?

*In addition to the Guaranteed Sale Program, we also offer a 12-month LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT Guarantee where we will either buy the home back or sell it for FREE if the buyer is not 100% happy with the purchase. We offer this to our Buyers as well as any Buyer of a home that we list for sale. This makes your home more marketable and appealing than the other listings you are competing against. We also offer a Trade Up Guarantee where we can and will step in and buy somebody else's home in order to allow them to buy your home

We have unique and proprietary technology where we can mix and match our buyers with our upcoming listings before our listings even hit the market. The benefit is to both our Buyers and our Sellers, because the Buyers get access to information before the market gets it and our Sellers get added interest and marketing above and beyond what other agencies can offer. We demonstrate this real-time during our VIP Seller appointments. This is why nearly 65% of our listings receive at least one offer from somebody inside of our own database! WE REALLY DO HAVE THE BUYERS!

Why hire us to help you buy a home?

*We offer our Buyers a 12-month "Love It Or Leave It Guarantee". If you don't LOVE the home you buy through us, we will either re-sell it for free or buy it back. Additionally, we provide our Buyers access to information on upcoming homes that are not yet on the market. We call this "priority access to proprietary information". 

We sell more homes than almost any other team or company. On average, we sell more than 16 TIMES as many homes as other agents. This gives us more experience and demonstrates better techniques on getting your offer accepted (often times even if it's not the highest offer - read our reviews!). We also offer access to lenders that can and will pay for ALL of your closing costs. 

Tired of searching the internet for homes only to find out they are not really for sale or already sold? 
To get immediate access to UNLISTED, upcoming properties that no other buyers or agents even know about yet, call us at 805-765-1605 or visit

*Conditions apply, contact Michael Szakos to get the details of all of our exclusive offers!
Team Members

Michael Szakos


License Number: 01473073

Darcy Byrnes

Chief Operating Officer


Darcy is a Southern California native, born and raised in Newbury Park. Because she eagerly jumped into real estate at a young age, she now has more than 15 years of experience in the field, with a brief hiatus in her 20's to study architecture in Los Angeles. Darcy is a natural problem solver, and uses an extremely systematized approach to providing top notch customer service for local home buyers and sellers. Her dream is to create a consistently amazing experience for every client, regardless of price range, background, or complexity. She works closely with all of the agents and staff on Team Szakos to nourish every detail of the process, from marketing, to client appreciation, to negotiation strategies. She has also played a large part in creatively connecting home buyers with off market and upcoming homes, which is one of many benefits that sets Team Szakos apart from other real estate companies. Darcy enjoys attending several training events per year to gain further, valuable education about real estate and leadership. She is a lifelong learner who will continue to apply all of her findings to create a more exceptional experience each day at Team Szakos!

Warren Livingston

Real Estate Expert

License Number: 02060838

Julia Klontz

Transaction Coordinator, Licensed Notary Public


Kelly Prindle

WOW Coordinator


Kelly Prindle (affectionately known in the office as KP) is the Mom of Team Szakos. She is from a large family in Indiana. She and her high school sweetheart husband moved to California in the late '80s. Eventually they made their made way to Ventura to start a family. After a thirteen year detour back to the Midwest, to raise their sons on a family farm, they returned to Ventura, the place to be! Kelly has had a varied career in sales, fundraising and HR management. In more recent years, she enjoyed writing and hosting her own radio show. Kelly initially joined the team in inside sales and then transitioned into the team's WOW (mom upside down) role. Kelly loves to WOW her clients and staff. She recently celebrated a year with the team. When visiting Team Szakos, most likely you will be greeted by Kelly's smiling face and welcoming demeanor!

Emily Rodriguez

Executive Assistant


Emily was born and raised in the central valley of California in a small town called Kingsburg. After years of moving around the state, Emily and her husband have decided to settle down with their pup, Rocket, in the city of Ventura. Emily has always been fascinated by real estate and home design. At a young age, she knew that real estate was a dream of hers. She previously worked in Healthcare for 3 years as a Health Information Management Technician, where she was able to help people in their time of need. While she was successful in the healthcare industry, she realized it was time to pursue her own dreams. She was wary to leave the kind and familiar nature of healthcare to come into a world that she knew little about. But, after learning about Team Szakos’ mission, vision and goals, she knew this was a place she would be proud to work at! Emily’s creative and organized nature makes her a great marketing and administrative assistant. She joined Team Szakos because of their willingness to serve and better the community of Ventura. She believes Team Szakos will make a positive impact on all home buyers in Ventura, and she is thrilled to be a part of it.